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My offer in piano lessons (ad libitum):
- Individual Piano Lessons
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  - Music Theorie
  - Piano accompaniment for Folk Songs
  - Piano - Improvisations

My name is Guenter Kaluza (born in 1944).
Actually I am working freelance as a
- music author,
- music editor,
- composer,
- piano teacher here in the North of Dresden
- and consultant in music and music educations.
For piano lessons we can also use the English Language.
To make a long story short in English:
A long time ago I studied playing organ and piano, music education, theory and composing at different music universities in Germany. And I completed studies by several private studies amongst others also in Paris.
To these main studies I added many projects of further educations in special items of music as well as in public relations. marketing, communicating, kinesic behaviours and psychology.
From 1993 until Summer 2008 I was one managing director of a big music school with its name "Heinrich-Schütz-Konservatorium Dresden e.V."
Between 2001 and 2007 in a sideline I had some lectureships in business management at one business college.
And from 1971 until 1993 I taught the subject music at several German grammar schools.

Until 2008 and at the end altogether I taught
- more than 20.000 lessons of music in classrooms
. (for students of ages between 7 years to 19 years)
- and more than 16.000 piano lessons or organ lessons
. (for students of ages between 5 years to 64 years).
Until I edited as a music author or as a music editor
- one complete piano method for students of an age between 5 to 7
. including several books in addition
- one intermediate series for piano
- some chambermusic editions
- some books with American organ music from the States
- one series in organ music from Europe.
And actually I am developing one piano series for students beginning second time to renewing or to refreshing or to brushing up on playing piano.
I would love to communicate and to sozialise with music teachers, music authors, music editors, editorial offices, publishers, composers, and colleagues all over the world.
And the easiest way would be to writing me an email.
But also you could phone to me +49 (0) 1520 660 1573
(and I will phone you back)
Office phone +49 (0) 35201 99054


My email: GKaluza [at]

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